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Latest information before your internship
"Valberg Basket Camps Pro"

Hello, here is the latest information before the start of the basketball camp.
Your child is enrolled in a boarding school at the Valberg internship.
Arrival time is scheduled between 4 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. on Sunday at the chalet address:
Neige et Soleil, L'Adrech de Lagas, 06470 Valberg
The departure will be at 12 noon the following Saturday at the same address at the chalet, however parents will be invited if they wish to come and attend the last morning training sessions.


Depending on the evolution of the health crisis:
When you arrive, you will be asked for the equivalent of the health pass, either: 
- Proof of a negative PCR test of less than 48 hours
- proof of a complete anti-covid vaccination schedule

Please note that all of our supervisors will be subject to the same rules for the safety of all and the anti-Covid protocol will be respected. Housekeeping will be done twice a day.

In addition, here are other documents to provide us either by email or on the day of your arrival. (To alleviate the influx of people, by email as soon as possible the better)

- Health sheet: Download link
Please tell us about any special diet

- Discharge of responibility:  Download link

Elements to be provided also for children not dependent on the French social system
- Copy of social security certificate or equivalent 
- Copy of the mutual insurance certificate or insurance certificate

The keychain to pack in your suitcase or travel bag:

- List of minimum kit for boarders:
2 disposable masks PER DAY,
2 basketball jerseys or T-shirt PER DAY,
1 shorts PER DAY,
2 pairs of socks PER DAY,
2 pairs of basketball or tennis,
1 pair of rest shoes (slides, bare feet ...),
1 swimsuit and 1 towel for the pool,
2 towels and gloves,
1 pajamas,
Sufficient body linen,
Hat or cap, sunscreen (minimum index 30, 50 is better) !!! We are in the mountains, the sun is strong.
1 tracksuit and 1 sweatshirt (evenings can be chilly),
1 gourd with its name,
1 hydroalcoholic gel,

Sheets, blankets, pillows and pillow cases are well supplied.

We do not provide the different types of straps for common uses

We recommend that you avoid valuables. In the event of loss or theft, our insurance does not cover any reimbursement.
However, a little pocket money can be provided to take advantage of the shop and the refreshment bar. 

Thank you to you and we look forward to seeing you for this new edition. Get in shape;)
We are going to have an exceptional week.

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