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Internships Basketball Camps Pro was created in 2015 by four coaches  all sharing the same philosophy  development of basketball as a whole, player training, respect for people, work values. More than an organization of basketball camps, this association brings together a collective of passionate coaches who share the same training philosophy.

The initiation of these basketball camps was desired in order to be able to share and exchange in terms of training and education, values which endure for us.

The first camp took place with the support of the professional club of Cavigal Nice Basket 06 and also of the coaches of the professional clubs of AS MONACO "  ROCA TEAM  "  and the Antibes Olympic “  Sharks  ". We welcomed many young people for two weeks and the progress made showed us that we were on the right track. More than anything, what surprised all the supervisors was the strong demand for work from the participants. A value that seduced us all and pushed to develop the camps in order to satisfy the greatest number, while respecting a quota of trainer per player.

We are in the fourth year of existence and we had the chance to receive participants from all horizons. Of course from the Alpes Maritimes, but also from all over France, as well as New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Milan, Vilnius… and we hope to continue on this path of sporting and cultural exchange.

The main goal of this camp will be to transmit to young players the technical and physical elements and also the working values which can allow to play at the best possible level.

Secondly, the idea is to be able to participate in the training of executives. We constitute both teams of experienced managers and coaches in constant search for improvement. Each camp is the result of a professional questioning and a technical and educational deepening. Sharing and seeking knowledge to further learning, development and improvement. A chance for all.

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